Repair and Restoration

Clocks are more than items that tell time.   Many are pieces of art, they are historical items, they are financial investments, they are family heirlooms and much more.

The care and repair of clocks by a professional is an art.  They should be craftsmen.  The early clock-makers took months to make a clock and repairs or restorations were treated in the same high quality manner.   To become a clock-maker a person spent 7 years learning the trade.   Today, we seek to uphold the same high quality standards to our clients clocks.

Clocks are mechanical machines which require maintenance.    For the best performance they need to be oiled every 3 to 5 years.  They need to be checked for wear of parts just like a quality automobile.    Well maintained clocks will need repair someday.  Repair should included a total dis-assembly, all parts cleaned in a proper cleaning solution, all pivots polished to a high shine, gears checked for wear and corrected when wear is found, all pivot holes cleaned and polished or bushed when wear is determined, the power source inspected and adjusted when needed, oiled, re-assembled and run for several weeks to assure the clock is running properly before being returned.

We take great care in upholding this standard of craftsmanship while maintaining a economical value for the work.  Providing years of enjoyment to the client with their clock is our goal.

A picture of dirty parts for a non-working clock with the dingy brass.  This clock is 200 years old and when cleaned one can see the scratches or earlier repairs and damage inflicted on the clock from poor quality craftsmanship.

One can see the dirt and oil from years of wear that has collected on the gears.   We clean and polish the gears to a high polish to assure the clock will run for many years.


Below is a restored clock that is 140 years old that has seen quality repair before and now by our shop.  Note the screws and bolts are “cleaned and blued”.  The plates and gears are polished.  The art of clock-making, repair and restoration.

Please feel free to contact us for information on the repair, restoration, and maintenance of your clocks.   We encourage and make house calls to assure the proper care and handling of your items.

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