Zappler – Austrian – $975


[Inv. #169]   The Zappler clock is one of the most interesting clocks to collect.   They were made between 1725 and 1850 in Austria and Southern Germany at the clock and watch schools.   One distinguishing feature is the “cow-tail” pendulum that is on the front of the clock and travels rapidly in a 60 degree arch.   They were individually made by the students to show their level of expertise at a time during their training or for the wealthy and royalty as novelty clocks.  The entire clock had to made by the student.   That includes the case and the movement.

This Zappler is made of silver with a very good (and working) movement that is of a watch style.   We do not know who made this wonderful item but they must have graduated and became a fine watchmaker.   The clock displays quality throughout.

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