Walter Durfee-Lyre: – $6250

[inv. #180]   Walter Durfee Lyre Clock, 1911, beautiful mahogany case with a nice painted glass and dial with the name W.C. Henry, May 2011.   I believe the clock was presented to William C. Henry, the General Manage (owner) of the Waltham Clock Company for his retirement by Walter Durfee.    Durfee Lyre clocks are rarely seen for sale.   The case is a 32″ Curtis-Lyre style  with a high quality Waltham brass movement.  The movement and case are serial numbered:  5828 with the Walter Durfee “W.D.” on the top of the back plate.   The clock mechanism has been cleaned and oiled to provide years of excellent service and the case has been waxed to protect the original finish.   A similar Durfee Lyre clock with a higher serial number sold at auction in 2009 for $14,950.

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